Roses (Paperback) Roses
Which roses grow best in a small garden? What companion plants complement a rose border? How do you modernize a rose garden? All these and more are answered in the new edition of Sunset s Roses. Everything for the novice or experienced rose devotee is here-the latest advice on shopping … | 13.09. 2006
Roses Roses
The Roses box set features two volumes: the first, The Art of the Rose, provides an illustrated history of roses and their present-day uses, from their Chinese origins to the latest creations by Meilland and Delbard. It covers topics such as The Origins of the Rose and The Family … | 04.07. 2007
Roses for Dummies Roses for Dummies
American Beauty, Dublin Bay, Rocketeer, Betty Boop, High Noon, Pearly Gates with a distinctive name for each of hundreds of varieties, the array of roses that could adorn your garden is both dazzling and daunting. So which ones survive hardily on their own for weeks on end, and which … | 06.09. 2006
Roses Revealed Roses Revealed
Find Your Perfect Roses | Offering information on 200 varieties of roses, this definitive illustrated guide for rose enthusiasts and gardeners encapsulates all the romance of the universally popular, long flowering plant. The first section showcases the best rose options for particular … | 18.07. 2007