Liquidambar styraciflua 'Burgundy' - Sweetgum
Burgundy sweetgum is a rare variety prized for its richly coloured autumn leaves and corky furrowed bark. The leaves are typically sweetgum-lobed, star-shaped with 5 tips, deciduous, mid green in summer, and rich carmine and dark burgundy red in autumn. Coloured leaves remain on the tree for a considerable
Liquidambar orientalis - Oriental sweet gum
Oriental sweet gum is a beautiful, slow growing shrub or a small tree from SW Asia. It bears attractive, deeply cut leaves that are fresh green from spring until late summer, and turning rich yellow in neutral soil or orange and red in highly acidic soil in autumn. Each lobe is decorated with a pair
Liquidambar acalycina 'Burgundy Flush' - Chinese sweetgum
Sweetgums are very popular trees, some come from the USA, others from Asia. Thanks to the leaf shape they are often mistaken for maples. However, sweetgum leaves are more star-shaped and usually smaller. They fall down late, usually in early winter and the tree is decorated with fruits, which are small,
Quercus frainetto - Hungarian oak
Hungarian oak (Italian oak) is a very handsome tree with attractive foliage. Its leaves are distinctly margined with small, rounded lobes. They are deciduous, up to 20 cm long and glossy, bright green when they emerge, turning darker green in summer, leaving a showy texture of light green veins. Autumn
Acer platanoides 'Columnare' - Norway maple
Norway maple is a native European tree commonly cultivated in countries and regions with harsh winters. It is one of the most common street and park in Czech and Slovak republics. Its tolerance against pollution, low winter temperatures, and vigorous growth made it a useful tree for almost all places
Peanut - Arachis hypogaea Synonyms: Arachis hypogea Other names: Groundnut Family: Fabaceae - Legumes The peanut, also known as the groundnut and the goober and taxonomically classified as Arachis hypogaea,
Photo Gallery Latin Name - English Name
mature height
Acer saccharinum  'Pyramidale' - Silver Maple
18.00 m
Bloom in: IIIFlower Colour: insignificantFlower Colour: yellow | Light Required:: full sunLight Required:: part shade
Gladiolus  'Pelhřimov' - Gladiolus
1.20 m
Bloom in: VIIBloom in: VIIIFlower Colour: lavender | Light Required:: full sun
Calluna vulgaris  'Dark Beauty' - Heather

Calluna vulgaris 'Dark Beauty' - Heather

Calluna atlantica 'Dark Beauty', Calluna beleziana 'Dark Beauty', Calluna ciliaris 'Dark Beauty', Calluna elegantissima 'Dark Beauty', Calluna erica 'Dark Beauty', Calluna genuina 'Dark Beauty', Calluna sagittifolia 'Dark Beauty', Erica ciliaris 'Dark Beauty', Erica confusa 'Dark Beauty', Erica glabra 'Dark Beauty', Erica herbacea 'Dark Beauty', Erica lutescens 'Dark Beauty', Erica nana 'Dark Beauty', Erica prostrata 'Dark Beauty' | Common Heather
Evergreen shrub, underspread form, imbricate leaves, type of inflorescence - raceme, slow-growing, ground cover, container plant, moory plant.
0.20 m
Bloom in: VIIIBloom in: IXBloom in: XFlower Colour: red | Light Required:: full sun
Pinus ponderosa  'Peňáz' - Ponderosa Pine
12.00 m
Light Required:: full sun
Betula papyrifera   - paper birch
30.00 m
Light Required:: full sun
Dahlia  'Salsa Verde' - Dahlia

Dahlia 'Salsa Verde' - Dahlia

Bulb, opposite leaves, odd pinnate, type of inflorescence - anthodium, fruit - samara, quick-growing, bed plant, attractive flowers, cut plant.
1.20 m
Bloom in: VBloom in: VIBloom in: VIIBloom in: VIIIBloom in: IXFlower Colour: red | Light Required:: full sun
Lilium x hybridum  'Bonbini' - Lily
1.00 m
Bloom in: VIIBloom in: VIIIFlower Colour: white | Light Required:: full sun
Phlox subulata  'Millstream Daphne' - Moss Phlox
0.10 m
Bloom in: IVBloom in: VFlower Colour: magenta | Light Required:: full sun
Chamaedaphne calyculata   - Leatherleaf

Chamaedaphne calyculata - Leatherleaf

Evergreen shrub, squarrose form, alternate leaves, lanceolate, elliptical, type of inflorescence - raceme, fruit - capsule, group plant.
1.00 m
Bloom in: IVBloom in: VFlower Colour: white |
Rosa  'Barcarole' - Rose
0.90 m
Bloom in: VIBloom in: VIIBloom in: VIIIFlower Colour: red | Light Required:: full sun