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Introductory provision
The following Operating conditions ("OC") govern the terms of use of the www.garten.cz (www.profizahrada.cz, www.about-garden.com, www.zahrada-cs.com, www.zahrada-sk.com, www.garden-en.com, www.garten-de.com, www.ogrod-pl.com) (hereinafter referred to as "Garten.cz") by third parties (hereinafter "Readers"). The owner and operator of Garten.cz is Ing. Miloš Vymazal (hereinafter referred to as "the Operator").

Copyright and Trademarks
Any use of Garten.com or any part of Garten.cz that is other than for personal use, and in particular any further use in the form of spreading, copying, further processing or editing or reproduction, is possible only with the written consent of the Operator. In these cases, Garten.cz will always be listed as a source. This x to the source must be direct, it is without redirecting. Without the above agreement and at the same time as the source, no further publication, transcription or distribution of any material or part of the material published on Garten.cz is permitted, including the dissemination by e-mail, SMS messages, including the inclusion of such materials or parts thereof in frames or copying to an enterprise or other private network, including retention in any databases. All interventions in the technical or material nature of Garten.cz are prohibited. Use outside of your personal need is an unauthorized interference with the rights of the Operator and at the same time an unauthorized interference with the rights of entities whose data, works and other intangible assets are part of the Garten.cz content.

Product names, program products, businesses, and more used on Garten.cz may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The copyright holders are authors of texts and photographs.

Site content
All contents of Garten.cz are informative only. The content of Garten.cz is derived from sources that the operator considers to be reliable. The operator is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of this content. The Operator reserves the right to change or remove any part of Garten.cz content at any time without prior notice.

Exclusion of liability and guarantees
Every reader visits Garten.cz at his own risk. The operator is not responsible for the correctness, completeness and timeliness of Garten.cz content. Furthermore, the operator is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage incurred in connection with the connection and use of Garten.cz, for damages incurred due to their partial or complete malfunction. The operator is not responsible for the truth, content and form of third party advertising on Garten.cz. The operator does not take any responsibility for any violation of any laws and rights of third parties by any reader, third person.

Links and links to other www pages
The operator is not responsible for the content of the www pages available through Garten.cz, nor for the obligations of the persons who offer, provide or mediate services on such websites. The operator is not responsible for the content of the www pages from which it is possible to join Garten.cz, nor for the obligations of the persons who offer, provide or mediate services on such websites.

Data protection and personal data protection
The operator does not collect any personal data that the readers voluntarily provide him with (especially when registering users). By voluntarily providing other personal data, readers give consent to provide the Provider with the data provided to the extent necessary for the proper operation of the website, including making the content available to the public or providing it to others, keeping and archiving articles and opinions about them, the duration of such activity by Garten.cz. User registration is voluntary. User data entered can be partially posted on the Garten.cz user page, depending on the type of user. Completely entered data are only published on Garten's user page with authors of the articles with which this page is agreed upon when the article was first inserted. Users can revoke this voluntary registration at any time, or they may request in writing to change the data or cancel the entire registration directly to the Operator.

For more detailed information, see Privacy Policy

When we enter Garten.cz, we automatically track and store technical information that allows us to create, track, and evaluate traffic statistics. Technical information means the visitor's IP address, daily visitor access, length of stay on each site, and more. We use Google Analytics and Toplist.com for this tracking.

This site uses cookies. "Cookies" are small data files or items in larger files that are used to distinguish visitors to websites and to retrieve information during multiple site visits.

Using cookies is a standard practice between websites. Most Internet browsers receive cookies automatically, but you can usually reject cookies by setting browser preferences, or you can selectively accept only some of them. If the user disables cookies, it may happen that some features will not be available on Garten.cz, and some web pages may not be displayed properly.

The web is primarily funded by advertising. For these reasons, ad elements are placed on the site, and we can not directly influence the exact content. For example, About Google Adsense, Sklik List, CJ.com, Heureka.cz, Digitalad.cz and a number of others.

Electronic communication
In electronic communication via e-mail, the information contained in the message is not coded. For this reason, we encourage Readers to not send any information by e-mail that they consider to be personal, confidential, or legally protected or secretive.

Validity and effectiveness
Unless otherwise stated, OC are valid and effective on the date of their initial publication on Garten.cz

The Operator reserves the right to change these OCs at any time.
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