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obtained by simulation more quickly, effec­ Computer simulation of dynamic systems is a topic which is growing steadily in importance tively and cheaply than by experimentation and testing of the real system. System perfor­ in the physical sciences, engineering, biology and medicine. The reasons for this trend mance can also be investigated using simula­ relate not only to the steadily increasing tion for a much wider range of conditions than can be contemplated for the real system power of computers …
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Electrical drives play an important role as electromechanical energy convert­ ers in transportation, material handling and most production processes. The ease of controlling electrical drives is an important aspect for meeting the in­ creasing demands by the user with respect to flexibility and precision, caused by technological progress in industry as well as the need for energy conser­ vation. At the same time, the control of electrical drives has provided strong incentives to control engineering …
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