Eccremocarpus scaber - Glory Vine Eccremocarpus scaber - Glory Vine
This exotic climber hails from South America. Rare and little-known specimen is sure to spice up your garden! Tubular flowers hang in clusters of orange, yellow and red shades for a spectacular display. Effective for covering problem areas, why not replace the view of thatt old shed … | 28.08. 2007
Echeveria - Blue Mexican Rose Echeveria - Blue Mexican Rose
Echeverias are succulent type plants (similar to cactus) that are extremely easy to grow. Like cactus they prefer sun and a thorough watering when dry. The flowers are spectacular. They are native to Mexico and make easy to grow house plants … | 04.07. 2007
Echinacea purpurea - Purple Coneflower Echinacea purpurea - Purple Coneflower
Bright carmine-rose flowers and petals held out flat make this a show-stopper! So much better than other Echinaceas! Brighter carmine-rose color, larger flowers and petals held out flatter for maximum show! This easy-care butterfly magnet blooms profusely from June through September … | 22.06. 2007
Echinacea 'Fatal Atraction' - Coneflower Echinacea 'Fatal Atraction' - Coneflower
Coneflower - Echinacea Fatal Atraction Origin: Hybrid origin. Large, deep purple-pink flowers on dark-red stems lure the eye to this richly colored variety with perky, non-drooping petals. Produces many flowers on strong stems. Requires full sun and well-drained fertile soil. Drought … | 11.07. 2007
Echinocactus grusonii - Golden Barrel Cactus Echinocactus grusonii - Golden Barrel Cactus
Originating in Mexico, this popular cactus reaches up to 6 ft (1.8 m) in height and spread. It has a single, globe-shaped, pale green body that stretches upwards in maturity, becoming barrel-shaped. This stem is heavily ribbed with numerous areoles sprouting radial, yellow spines … | 31.08. 2007
Echinops ritro - Globe Thistle Echinops ritro - Globe Thistle
Proper Name: Globe Thistle (Echinops ritro). Soft Violet-Blue Globes on Tall, Vigorous Plants! Blooms all summer! Splendid in dried arrangements! A mass of bobbing Globe Thistles, their softly-colored heads adding valuable blue color to the garden, is a spectacular sight in the summer … | 09.08. 2007
Echium pininana - Tower of Jewels, Pride of Tenerife, Tajinaste, Taginaste Echium pininana - Tower of Jewels
Towering, majestic flower spikes head heavenward on this entrancing gem. Grows over 12 feet tall! Masses of blue-mauve florets are draped around the monstrous stem, along with bursts of striking silver, lanced leaves. Hardy in zones 8-10 … | 31.08. 2007
Elettaria cardamomum - Cardamom Elettaria cardamomum - Cardamom
Common Names: cardamom, Malabar cardamom, Ceylon cardamom | Family: Zingiberaceae (ginger family) | This popular ginger is native to India. The spicy seeds are very aromatic and used extensively for culinary purposes, It is the true Cardamom of commerce. As an ornamental plant It … | 25.11. 2007
Enkianthus campanulatus 'Victoria' - red-vein Enkianthus campanulatus 'Victoria' - red-vein
Latin name enkianthus was made up from two Greek words although this deciduous shrub originates in Japan. It belongs to the heath family and also fits in there perfectly. No other rhododendron or azalea has its structure. Its main stems are always fully vertical with tops of small …
Ensete glaucum - Snow Banana Ensete glaucum - Snow Banana
Possibly the hardiest Ensete species, this plant originates from high altitude China so is accustomed to cooler regions. The huge, glaucous leaves are architectural and decorative, great for the tropical borders or large containers … | 12.09. 2007
Ensete ventricosum - Red Abyssinian Banana Ensete ventricosum - Red Abyssinian Banana
Synonyms:Ensete edule, Musa ensete, Musa arnoldiana, Ensete arnoldianum | The size of this ornamental banana tree can reach over 35 feet depending mainly on the warmth and duration of your growing season. The leaf stems are noticeably lower on the pseudostem causing a wider overall … | 11.08. 2007
Epimedium grandiflorum 'Lilafee' - Longspur Epimedium Epimedium grandiflorum 'Lilafee' - Longspur Epimedium
Lilafee Bishop s Cap - Epimedium grandiflorum Lilafee ; Family: Berberidaceae | Great clump forming groundcover that produces a wealth of lavender flowers early in the season. Good drainage, fertile soil and shade to part shade. Shade to partial shade in any soil. Tolerates dry shade … | 02.11. 2007
Epiphyllum ackermannii - Orchid Cactus Epiphyllum ackermannii - Orchid Cactus
What we commonly call epiphyllums today are actually hybrids of epiphytic cacti species native to the jungles of Central and South America, as well as Mexico. The word epiphyllum in Greek means upon the leaf and the flowers appear to bloom directly on the leaves. Jungle cacti, however … | 09.07. 2007
Eragrostis elliottii - Elliott's Love Grass, Blue Eros Eragrostis elliottii - Elliott's Love Grass, Blue Eros
Blue Eragrostis (Love Grass)Graceful, Native Grass Maintains Its Flowing Beauty Until Winter! This Native American grass is graceful in form with narrow, blue foliage. The airy flower plumes begin appearing in July, maturing to a tan color in August and gradually to a lighter straw … | 04.07. 2007
Eragrostis trichodes - Love Grass Eragrostis trichodes - Love Grass
Love Grass produces a heavy fibrous root system and spreads by seed and rooting at the nodes. It does especially well on sandy land, but can be used on heavier soil, also. It grows to a height of 2 to 4 feet tall. It can be found growing in the Great Plains from Illinois to Texas … | 14.11. 2007
Eremurus bungei - Foxtail Lily Eremurus bungei - Foxtail Lily
Tall racemes of golden yellow flowers. Originally from Tibet, one of the most colorful tall flowers, long lasting as a cut flower. Flowers late May to June. Thrive in well drained sunny sites, blooming for 10-15 years without dividing. Outstanding cut flower with a long vase life … | 06.06. 2007
Erigeron 'Azure Fairy' - Erigeron, Fleabane Erigeron 'Azure Fairy' - Fleabane
Type: Herbaceous perennial, Flowers: Lavender, Comments: Azure Fairy Fleabane blooms from mid-summer into fall. Set the plants 12 inches apart in a sunny area and any well-drained soil. The plant can be used in light, sandy soil. Remove the old flowers as they fade to obtain additional … | 30.06. 2007
Erysimum 'Bowles mauve' - shrubby wallflower Erysimum 'Bowles mauve' - shrubby wallflower
Shrubby wallflower is a long-flowering perennial, or to be precise a subshrub forming woody stems, exactly like lavender plants do. Bowles’ Mauve is a beautiful variety with mauve flowers that open in late May and continue blooming until autumn. They are small, produced at the tops …
Eucalyptus gunnii - Cider Gum Eucalyptus gunnii - Cider Gum
Eucalyptus is an enormous and fascinating genus. It comprises over 700 species, and accounts for more than two-thirds of Australia s vegetation. It is unfortunate that they are frequently regarded as not being reliably hardy outside of the subtropics, because it discourages people … | 08.07. 2007
Eucalyptus 'Baby Blue' Eucalyptus 'Baby Blue'
Eucalyptus is an enormous and fascinating genus. It comprises over 700 species, and accounts for more than two-thirds of Australias vegetation. It is unfortunate that they are frequently regarded as not being reliably hardy outside of the subtropics, because it discourages people … | 30.06. 2007
Eucharis grandiflora - Amazon Lily Eucharis grandiflora - Amazon Lily
This spectacular, extremely fragrant Compact Amazon Lily has slimmer tighter foliage than traditional Amazon Lilies. Yet it has large wax white daffodil shaped flowers produced in considerable numbers. The plant prefers very bright, indirect light and should be kept evenly moist … | 08.07. 2007
Euonymus alata 'Fire Ball' - Dwarf Burning Bush Euonymus alata 'Fire Ball' - Dwarf Burning Bush
FIRE BALL® has the brilliant red fall color to be expected of burning bush. Plant it among spring and summer flowering shrubs for a jolt of color in the fall. Also makes an unusual bonsai! Euonymus alatus Select … | 27.07. 2007