Vanilla planifolia - Vanilla Orchid Vanilla planifolia - Vanilla Orchid
Native almost to the tropics the range includes Mexico, Central America, West Indies, and Northern South America. The genus vanilla produces the world s most popular spice, a climbing member of the orchid family, the vanilla orchid is both terrestial and epiphytic, it grows in soil … | 03.01. 2008
Veronica longifolia 'Lilac Fantasy' - Speedwell Veronica longifolia 'Lilac Fantasy' - Speedwell
Perennial Free flowering plants of great value in the perennial garden. Blooms June thru August. Nice cut flower. Will attract butterflies, hummingbirds and songbirds all season. Features glossy green foliage with strong, lilac color flower spikes. Well-branching habit, makes a tidy … | 21.01. 2008
Veronica spicta - Spike Speedwell Veronica spicta - Spike Speedwell
Veronica Spicata Blue (Cat s tails) Perennial Free flowering plants of great value in the perennial garden. Blooms June August. Nice cut flower. Will attract butterflies, hummingbirds and songbirds all season. Grows 18-24 tall in average soil and full sun to partial shade … | 04.07. 2007
Veronicastrum virginicum - Culver's Root Veronicastrum virginicum - Culver's Root
These elegant perennials impart a lofty vertical element to the late summer garden. Graced with distinctive narrow spires of densely arranged tiny flowers, Veronicastrum are native to meadows and woodlands, and are easy to grow in adequately moist soil. Ericas strong leafy stems taper … | 09.07. 2007
Maple-leaved Viburnum Viburnum acerifolium - Maple-Leaf Viburnum, Possumhaw, Dockmackie
This shrub attracts cardinals, crested fly-catchers, robins, gray-cheeked thrushes, cedar waxwings and more with red fruits that ripen to purple. Cream-colored lace-like bloom clusters appear in summer. Distinctive leaves turn red in fall. Great as a hedge or screen Grows 4-6 tall … | 30.05. 2007
Viburnum carlesii - Korean spice viburnum Viburnum carlesii - Korean spice viburnum
Korean spice viburnum is a slow growing shrub, making a dense bush, well branched at the base. It is popular for its fragrant inflorescence …
Viburnum davidii - David viburnum Viburnum davidii - David viburnum
David viburnum is a handsome, compact little shrub, with eye-catching foliage. The leaves are elliptic, emerald green with pink-red stalks, and have remarkable deep veins, which give this shrub an additional 3D image. The flower buds are pink-ish, too, but the flowers themselves are …
Arrowwood Viburnum Viburnum dentatum - Arrowwood, Southern Arrowwood, Roughish Arrowwood
Showy clusters of white flowers in summer give way to bluish-black berries in fall. The blooms attract butterflies and the berries are loved by birds! Perfect as an informal hedge or screen; great for borders and naturalized settings, too. Compact shrub grows just 3-5 tall with a … | 30.05. 2007
Blueberry Muffin Arrowwood Viburnum Shrub Viburnum dentatum 'Blue Muffin' - Arrowwood Viburnum
Blue Muffin® (V. dentatum. Christom ) An exciting new compact selection of Arrowwood Viburnum! The perfect for residential landscapes. This compact beauty has loads of white spring flowers, and an impressive display of rich blue berries. Makes a great low hedge or foundation plant … | 30.05. 2007
Viburnum dentatum 'Cardinal Candy' - Cardinal Candy Viburnum Viburnum dentatum 'Cardinal Candy' - Cardinal Candy Viburnum
Cardinal Candy Viburnum CARDINAL CANDYTM A special new selection with abundant glossy scarlet red fruit. Discovered in a batch of seed grown plants, after which a -25 degree cold spell killed off all other plants except Cardinal Candy. Tons of creamy white flowers cover this well … | 07.07. 2007
Viburnum opulus 'Roseum' - European Cranberrybush Viburnum opulus 'Roseum' - European Cranberrybush
Deciduous shrub cultivated since the 16th century with dense mound habit and upright, spreading, arching branches. Big, showy, sterile snowball like inflorescences cover the plant in May emerging light-green and changing to white, and some pink ( rose, hence ‘Roseum’) …
A.B.I.E.S. s.r.o. | 28.10. 2007
Viburnum plicatum 'Lanarth' - japanese viburnum Viburnum plicatum 'Lanarth' - japanese viburnum
This majestic looking viburnum is a breathtaking cultivar, commonly grown in royal gardens of mild climate. The shrub forms its branches in cascade or horizontal levels, they bear bright green drooping leaves and in the spring clusters of hydrangea-like snow-white flowers. This variety …
Blackhaw Viburnum Viburnum prunifolium - Blackhaw Viburnum
Cedar waxwings, robins, bluebirds, catbirds and many other birds love blackhaw s blue-black fruits, which persist into winter. In spring, the small tree bears white flowers; in fall, its leaves turn red. Tuck blackhaw almost anywhere-it slowly grows to 15-20 ft. tall and 10 wide … | 30.05. 2007
Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn' - dawn viburnum Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn' - dawn viburnum
Dawn viburnum is a garden hybrid between viburnum farreri and viburnum grandiflorum. It is one of winter flowering plants because its flowers come out from end December (in mild winters) until March. If it snows while it blooms it does not matter, snow will do no damage to the flowers …
Viburnum 'Eskimo' - Eskimo viburnum Viburnum 'Eskimo' - Eskimo viburnum
Eskimo is a jewel among viburnums. It is an evergreen or semi-evergreen, compact shrub, growing slowly about 1m tall and wide. In mid-spring it makes almost spherical corymbs of pure white, lightly scented flowers …
Vinca minor 'Bowles' - periwinkle Vinca minor 'Bowles' - periwinkle
Periwinkle is a European native plant growing wildly in the woods of Central Europe to Caucasus. It is a prostrate, evergreen groundcover offering a long flowering period …
Viola mandshurica 'Fuji Dawn' - Manchurian Violet, Sumire Viola mandshurica 'Fuji Dawn' - Manchurian Violet, Sumire
Incredibly beautiful, seldom offered, rare viola. Emerges in early spring with masses of pink-tinged variegated foliage and hundreds of purple flowers. Variegation slowly turns to green and white, then later to uniform dark green and is more intense the second season. Blooms from … | 02.08. 2007
Variegated Trees and Shrubs: The Illustrated Encyclopedia Variegated Trees and Shrubs
The Illustrated Encyclopedia | Once the subject of snobbery and derision, variegated plants are now among the more sought-after and collected treasures of garden connoisseurs. Whether marbled, dotted, splashed, or veined, variegated foliage never fails to catch the eye and to add … | 12.04. 2007
Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit
Gardeners who want to grow their own vegetables, herbs and fruit will find this book a definitive reference and a remarkable value. Three expert authors combine superb illustrations with reliable information on choosing vegetables, herbs and fruit that can be cultivated to bountiful … | 14.08. 2007
Viburnums: Flowering Shrubs for Every Season Viburnums
Flowering Shrubs for Every Season | With their abundance of flower, handsome foliage, robust constitution, and frequently stunning fruits, viburnums are among the most beautiful and versatile hardy shrubs available to gardeners. Yet despite these outstanding qualities, there has never … | 18.11. 2007