Nandina domestica - Heavenly Bamboo Nandina domestica - Heavenly Bamboo
Commonly called Heavenly Bamboo, Nandina can be used in virtually any part of the landscape and is especially useful in full or part sun, where the foliage color is superb. The new growth is often bronze to rose in color, becoming green with age. In the fall and winter, the growth … | 14.09. 2007
Narcissus bulbocodium var. conspicuus 'Golden Bells' - Miniature Daffodil Narcissus bulbocodium var. conspicuus 'Golden Bells' - Miniature Daffodil
Commonly known as the Yellow Hoop Petticoat. Up to 15 stems per bulb! Groups of 5 or 10 bulbs form a carpet of dainty, upward facing, bright golden bells. Grass like, dark green foliage. Tolerates warm spring climates and is very hardy. Excellent for rock gardens … | 11.08. 2007
Narcissus 'Jetfire' - Cyclamineus Daffodil Narcissus 'Jetfire' - Cyclamineus Daffodil
Deep yellow, very reflexed petals frame the cup, which opens egg-yolk yellow and quickly turns bright orange. The long-lasting flowers open when the stems are still quite short and persist as the stems lengthen … | 07.10. 2007
Narcissus 'Lancaster' - Daffodil Narcissus 'Lancaster' - Daffodil
The blooms of Daffodil Lancaster are absolutely gorgeous with three vivid colors around the petite cup. Starting with green at the base, yellow in the middle and orange outlining the rim. Excellent cut flower, deer resistant and perfect for naturalizing. These daffodils are known … | 21.10. 2007
Nassella tenuissima - Mexican feather grass, Mexican needle grass Nassella tenuissima - Mexican feather grass, Mexican needle grass
Mexican Feather Grass (Nassella tenuissima) Extremely delicate and soft in appearance. Beautiful in naturalized settings. Grows to a mature size of 18-24 tall x 18-24 wide. Hardy in zones 6-9 … | 04.06. 2007
Neomarica Caerulea ‘Regina’ - Blue Walking Iris Neomarica Caerulea ‘Regina’ - Blue Walking Iris
The Blue Walking Iris is native to Brazil. It grows well in the ground or in pots. It is hardy in zone 10 and elsewhere should be grown as a houseplant or patio plant. Bright filtered light is prefered, but it will also grow in shade. Water when on the dry side. The flowering season … | 30.07. 2007
Nepenthes ventricosa - Nepenthes Nepenthes ventricosa - Nepenthes
One of the best and easiest species to start with, this plant produces pink/red traps with a narrow waist and is exceptionally easy to grow. Distribution: Philippines. Nepenthes are commonly known as pitcher plants or monkey cups as the tips of some leaves form jug like structures … | 07.02. 2008
Nephrolepis cordifolia 'Duffii' - Erect Sword Fern Nephrolepis cordifolia 'Duffii' - Erect Sword Fern
This great little fern does well in a wide range of conditions but best of all is that it is compact in size and is one of the few ferns that fairs well with neglect and does extremely well in wet habitats. It stays under 12 tall and sends creeping runners which sprout new plantlets … | 25.01. 2008
Nicotiana alata - Jasmine Tobacco Nicotiana alata - Jasmine Tobacco
A profusion of fragrant, trumpet-shaped, pale pink to white blossoms sit on a stem arising from a rosette of thick, velvety leaves. The flowers are intoxicatingly fragrant in the evening and are 2 cm. across. Can be a trap crop for potato beetles. To 4 ft. tall. Annual. (80-85 days) … | 07.10. 2007
Nicotiana glauca - Tree Tobacco Nicotiana glauca - Tree Tobacco
Large tobacco species growing up to the size of a small tree. Bluish foliage with rubber texture. Small tubular yellow flowers, about 4 cm long. Huge plant, 3 to 4 m high. Needless to say, this plant needs a very big container. Toxic foliage containing an alkaloid similar to nicotine … | 05.07. 2007
Nicotiana tabaccum 'Variegata' - Variegated Tobacco Nicotiana tabaccum 'Variegata' - Variegated Tobacco
Tall 7 foot tobacco plant with large leaves and pink blooms and striking variegated foliage. Large 30-cm leaves, 5-cm flowers. Same botanical species as the cultivated tobacco and can be smoked. Leaves contain nicotine and can also be used to make an organic insecticide. Full sun … | 11.08. 2007
Native Trees for North American Landscapes Native Trees for North American Landscapes
Many common native trees are just as beautiful as cultivated exotics. Since they have evolved with local conditions and are well adapted to their climate, they often require less maintenance and won t escape to invade a balanced ecosystem. The authors extensive horticultural knowledge … | 11.04. 2007
Native Trees of the Southeast Native Trees of the Southeast
The diversity of woody plants in the Southeast is unparalleled in North America. Native Trees of the Southeast is a practical, compact field guide for the identification of the more than 225 trees native to the region, from the Carolinas and eastern Tennessee south through Georgia … | 06.04. 2007
Natural Florida Landscaping Natural Florida Landscaping
As Florida is developed the native flora is often replaced with non-native plants. Wildlife habitat is reduced, water, fertilizer and pesticide usage increases, and the appearance of Florida is altered. But you can help reduce the damage being done to our ecosystems by viewing your … | 28.08. 2007
Natural Gardening in Small Spaces Natural Gardening in Small Spaces
With the growing recognition that a wisely and sensitively planted garden has a lot to offer to wildlife and the food web, more and more people are looking for ways to make their gardens environmentally friendly. However, gardeners have tended to assume that they need a lot of space … | 02.04. 2007
Natural Gardening the Traditional Way: Timeless Techniques for the Ecological Gardener Natural Gardening the Traditional Way
Timeless Techniques for the Ecological Gardener | Gardener s through the centuries have built up a marvellous amount of shared gardening knowledge - how best to nourish the soil, ingenious ways with irrigation, propagation and grafting, and the most effective control of pests and … | 04.02. 2009
Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House Natural Remodeling for the Not-So-Green House
Bringing Your Home into Harmony with Nature (Natural Home & Garden) | To have a home that’s more in touch with the earth, you don’t have to start from the ground up! It’s possible—and more environmentally friendly—to go green by renovating an existing home. With the … | 28.05. 2007
Natural Swimming Pools: Inspiration For Harmony With Nature (Schiffer Design Book) Natural Swimming Pools
Natural swimming pools rely on the correct balance of plants and microorganisms to clean and purify the water. They are a safe place for children to play and birds to drink, and are a dramatic example of ecological design, combining the natural and man-made worlds while creating beauty … | 31.03. 2007
New Complete Guide to Gardening New Complete Guide to Gardening
If you re in the market for an all-around garden guide to get you primed for the planting season, this beautiful, well-organized book will meet all your needs. The cover s floral effusion will brighten your coffee table, and inside you ll find what you need to get started or to grow … | 12.09. 2006
New Complete Guide to Landscaping New Complete Guide to Landscaping: Design, Plant, Build
The perfect companion to the Better Homes and Gardens New Complete Guide to Gardening. Illustrated easy-to-follow instructions for planning, designing, and building typical landscape projects … | 08.09. 2006
New Garden Design Inspiring Private Paradises New Garden Design Inspiring Private Paradises
From vegetable and succulent gardens to sculpture and rose gardens to mountain and waterfront gardens, New Garden Design covers a range of interpretations incorporating walls, fountains, pavilions, canals, pools, terraces and groves in unexpected ways. The resulting new garden is … | 17.07. 2008
Niwaki: Pruning, Training and Shaping Japanese Garden Trees Niwaki
Pruning, Training and Shaping Japanese Garden Trees | Over the years, Japanese gardeners have fine-tuned a distinctive set of pruning techniques that coax out the essential characters of their garden trees, or niwaki. In this highly practical book, Western gardeners are encouraged … | 06.04. 2007