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The Roses box set features two volumes: the first, The Art of the Rose, provides an illustrated history of roses and their present-day uses, from their Chinese origins to the latest creations by Meilland and Delbard. It covers topics such as "The Origins of the Rose" and "The Family of Roses," and the final section is dedicated to instructions for care and cultivation of these delicate blooms.

The second volume, The Most Beautiful Roses, features 88 of the world's most exceptional roses, through photographs and text that covers the essentials: climatic and growing conditions, varietal characteristics, origins, and the symbolism related to the different rose varieties. With its practical information and stunning photographs, this ribbon-trimmed set offers useful advice and inspiration on the care of nature's most beautiful and delicate flower.

Author: Jerome Goutier,
Publisher: Flammarion , 2007-05-22
ISBN: 2080305557, EAN: 9782080305558
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