Foolproof Guide to Growing Roses

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Foolproof Guide to Growing Roses

Ideal for would-be growers who were always afraid of roses, as well as for gardeners who already grow these beautiful flowers and want to learn more. Over 400 beautiful color photographs and 40 watercolor paintings.

From the Back Cover
Foolproof Guide to Growing Roses is ideal for gardeners who have been afraid to grow roses as well as for those who already grow these lovely flowers and want to learn more about them. This comprehensive book takes all the mystery out of growing these plants, but leaves the beauty. Through text and lavishly illustrated step-by-step instructions, readers learn how to select roses that are reliable in their climate. They also learn how to care for the plants easily and efficiently, how to control pests and diseases with environmentally friendly techniques, and how to prune every type of rose.
- Comprehensive descriptions of all rose classes.
- Descriptions of 80 rose varieties and cultivars.
- More than 280 beautiful color photographs and 34 watercolor paintings.
- Suggestions for companion plants that bring out the best in roses while also helping to protect them from various pests.
- Detailed discussion of soil science as it pertains to rose health.
- Two cross-referenced indexes that cover plants and topics.
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