Tropical and Subtropical Trees: An Encyclopedia Tropical and Subtropical Trees
An Encyclopedia | This exhaustive, lavishly illustrated A-Z encyclopedia describes tropical and subtropical trees by their specific attributes and profiles, such as color, shape, texture, flowers, foliage, or fruit. It also includes a collection of useful quick-reference checklists … | 07.05. 2007
Tropical Flowering Plants: A Guide to Identification and Cultivation Tropical Flowering Plants
A Guide to Identification and Cultivation | This book bridges a long-standing gap between obscure references in tropical botany and the gardener s need for an accurate, practical guide with clear photographs. Incorporating the latest advances in plant taxonomy from the definitive … | 13.04. 2007
Tropical Foliage Plants: A Grower's Guide Tropical Foliage Plants
A Grower s Guide | Previously illustrated with black and white photographs, this reference now provides professionals with a colorful guide to the production of commercial foliage crops. Featuring updated and expanded information, including cultural changes, new technological advances … | 18.07. 2007
Tropical Garden Design Tropical Garden Design
Made Wijaya, landscape designer to such high-profile gardens as those of rock icon David Bowie and the United States Ambassador in Jakarta, shares his brilliant garden designs and offers advice for both novice gardeners and professionals on creating similar results in their own backyards … | 07.05. 2007
Tropical Ornamentals : A Guide Tropical Ornamentals
This guide covers more than 400 of the most commonly cultivated ornamental plants found in the tropics, identified and beautifully photographed by an expert in tropical botany … | 14.04. 2007
Tropical Plants for Home and Garden Tropical Plants for Home and Garden
A stunningly beautiful presentation of flowers and plants native to tropical regions of the world. —Phoenix Home & Garden With sections on flowering shrubs and annuals, foliage plants, ornamental trees, ornamental vines and creepers, palms, exotics, water plants, ground covers … | 07.05. 2007
Tropical Slipper Orchids: Paphiopedilum & Phragmipedium Species & Hybrids Tropical Slipper Orchids
Paphiopedilum & Phragmipedium Species & Hybrids | Distinguished by a prominent pouchlike sac which resembles a ballroom slipper and often decorated with warts, hairs, or stripes, the flowers of slipper orchids may be ugly or pretty, depending on your point of view. In either … | 12.02. 2008
Tropicals Tropicals
A pictorial dictionary of landscape plants designed for USDA zones 9, 10, and 11. It is also ideal for greenhouse gardeners who grow tender exotics under cover, and it is frequently used as an identification guide for plant lovers who travel to the tropics … | 14.04. 2007