Tropical Plants for Home and Garden

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Tropical Plants for Home and Garden

"A stunningly beautiful presentation of flowers and plants native to tropical regions of the world." —Phoenix Home & Garden

With sections on flowering shrubs and annuals, foliage plants, ornamental trees, ornamental vines and creepers, palms, exotics, water plants, ground covers, ferns, and orchids, Tropical Plants serves as a guide, an aid to identification, and a historical survey. Each segment contains beautifully illustrated photographs of each plant accompanied by comprehensive descriptions.

Remarkable photographs of plants and flowers meticulously observed and documented are the perfect means of capturing the beauty of the plants and their backgrounds. William Warren's detailed knowledge of plants that flourish in hot climates is applied not only to the tropics themselves but also to varieties that are suitable for cultivation in the United States, Europe, and other nontropical areas. 449 color photographs.

Author: William Warren,
Publisher: Thames & Hudson , 2006-03-01
ISBN: 0500283419, EAN: 9780500283417
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