Stephanotis floribunda - Madagascar Jasmine Stephanotis floribunda - Madagascar Jasmine
The Madagascar Jasmine (Bridal Wreath) thrives with bright but indirect lighting. A bright North or East window is perfect,or any indirect light window. Also, try to provide some humidity as this plant will do better then although this is not critical for the plant s survival. The … | 18.11. 2007
Step-by-Step Landscaping Step-by-Step Landscaping
A new edition of Better Homes and Gardens(r) best-selling landscaping book Packed with 408 pages of all-new material from the editors of Better Homes and Gardens(r) books, this complete landscaping guide has everything you need to know transform your yard. More than 700 stunning photographs … | 27.09. 2007
Rose Steps to rose gardening success
Rose gardening has its own special mystique. Few perennials or flowering shrubs give you so many wonderful blooms soon after planting or have as long a period of bloom. And, best of all, hardy roses will come back year after year. Gardeners the world over are smitten by the allure …
Yvonne Cunnington | 25.09. 2006