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45 - 50x

agave, bright red berry, bromelia mai pouri, cultivated, cultivation, elder, elkhorn ferns, evergreen leaves, february daphne, fragaria indica, gardens north, good gardens, chinese white, indian mock strawberry, life, light purple, macrocarpa, middle east asia, our gardens, smooth, strain, strawberry, swida alba, tropical flowering, young,

50 - 55x

abelmoschus, agave gracilispina, alligator wood, aristolochia, artemisia, august, australis, baby, berry, blood, buttercup, california native, cerasifera, coastal, colorado river reed, cornel, daphne mezereum, desert, drought, early, eastern purple, evergreen plant, forsythia, friend, growing green, guinea, habit, heart, heterophyllus, hill, indian strawberry, indica, indoor, invasive plants, island, latin, lives, lonicera periclymenum, maxima, morning, new leaf, new mexico, northern, nursery, point, russian far east, single, styraciflua, sunny, sweet gum, sweetgum, tall perennial, west, wild strawberry, yellow flowered strawberry,

55 - 60x

alpine, aucuparia, autumn, beautiful, birds, botanical, calendula, caprifoliaceae, cerasus, crimson, form, fruits, green rose, growing, hazel, hazel pine, helleborus orientalis, holly, kunthianum, land, large, laurel, lobed pink, male, north, one flowers, orchids, paradises, pawpaw genus, perennials, polypod family, poppy family, red brown winter, rubra, sambucus racemosa, satin walnut, scarlet, south, summer, violacea, violet family, wild food,

60 - 65x

african, america, arizona, bears, butterfly weed, care, cedar, climbing, creeper, crown, cucurbita pepo, cypress, european mountain ash, flowers blooming, glory, hamamelidaceae, helleborus niger, hens, honeysuckle family, john, lenten, lenten rose, liquidambar, meadow, mentors, natural, northern china, northwest, orientalis, pacific, primrose, red oak, royal, russian, sharon, short, sinensis, small, sugar, temperate areas, tree bark, upright, variegatum, wild plants, yellow flowers,

65 - 70x

abelia, alba, americana, annuals perennials, asparagaceae, banana, cerasus serrulata, contact, dwarf, evolution our, ferns, fragrant, french, grape family, hot plants, chamaecyparis, kingdom, landscape, long, mallow, native trees, paniculata, showy asian grapes, shrubs, star, tall, time, trees shrubs, variegata, virginia, west indian ipecacuana, year, yellow iris,

70 - 75x

alpine plants, bright, butterfly bush, common, daphne, dogwood, evolution, fagus sylvatica, glauca, glossy, hellebore, chinese, japanese flowering cherry, karo pittosporum, large fruits, magic, mallow family, medium, norway, olive family, onion, orchid, root, rowan, serrulata, syriacus, trumpet, victoria,

75 - 80x

australian native, beech, coral, deciduous, domestica, east asian cherry, false, grow, helleborus, korean, parthenocissus, perennial garden, pine, prunus cerasifera, tropical garden, tropical plants, water,

80 - 85x

altingiaceae, apple, bell, book, duchesnea indica, dutchman pipe, fabaceae, fern, forest, forget not, marlberry ardisia, pea family, thymelaeaceae,

85 - 90x

air plant, breadfruit production, butterfly, grandiflora, chrysanthemum, india mockstrawberry, leather flower, lenten rose helleborus, light, mespilus aucuparia, orange, pinkfringe arthrostemma, quercus velutina, xanthorrhoeaceae,

90 - 95x

dark, giant, islands, peanut arachis, potato family, quercus,

95 - 100x

air plants, bush, composed, flora, flowering cherry, garden plants, mountain ash, oklahoma, purple, southeast,

100 - 105x

border forsythia forsythia, fagus, hibiscus, marang artocarpus, mojave mound, mountain aloe, pina ananas, ranunculaceae,

105 - 110x

cactus, cassava manihot, cupressaceae, gumbo abelmoschus, haleakala silversword, cherry, indian, leaf, red berried elder,

110 - 115x

flower, great, greensword argyroxiphium, marrow cucurbita, pink family, queen,