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45 - 50x

abelia, air plant, altingiaceae, annual honesty, book, buttercup family, butterfly bush, california red, centuryplant agave, domestica, flowering cherry, chrysanthemum, korean, magic, mallow family, mojave mound, mountain ash, native trees, natural, orange, potato family, prunus cerasus, red berried elder, russian, showy asian grapes, spring, victoria,

50 - 55x

beech, black hellebore, crab eye, dark, english, european honeysuckle, forest, garden plants, hibiscus, cherry, indoor green, lady, parthenocissus, pinkfringe arthrostemma, purple, quercus, showy asian, tropical plants, venus slipper,

55 - 60x

bush, butterfly, cactus, cassava, cornelian cherry cornus, cupressaceae, false, flora, giant, greensword argyroxiphium, iridaceae, iris family, islands, leatherleaf chamaedaphne, marang artocarpus, mezereon daphne, oklahoma, papaw asimina, platycerium platycerium, quercus velutina, rowan sorbus,

60 - 65x

bloodflower asclepias, climbing ylang ylang, composed, cypress family, european, flower, flowering, gumbo abelmoschus, hardy, indian, jackfruit artocarpus, japanese cherry, landscaping, late, mexican, mock strawberry, ornamental, peanut, pink family, queen,

65 - 70x

black, blackthorn prunus, fagus, leaf, living, magical, minute, native, ornamental onion, pina ananas, sugar cane, wild,

70 - 75x

arctotis arctotis, great, language, lawson cypress,

75 - 80x

beauty, colorado, cornus, grow native, pigeon pea, prunus serrulata, white dogwood,

80 - 85x

aloe, color, japanese, leaved, new garden, speciosa,

85 - 90x

american sweetgum, black oak, false oat grass, genus, silver, sweet,

90 - 95x

creating, earth, making,

95 - 100x

plants, plum,

100 - 105x

blue, grass family, texas, western,

105 - 110x

beech family, pine family, zealand,