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Andromeda polifolia
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Bog-rosemary - Andromeda polifolia

Bog-rosemary - Andromeda polifolia Synonyms: Andromeda americana, Andromeda canadensis, Andromeda glaucifolia, Andromeda grandiflora, Andromeda myrifica, Andromeda oleifolia, Andromeda rosmarinifolia, Andromeda rosmarinifolia, Andromeda secunda, Leucothoe …
Agave americana
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Centuryplant - Agave americana

Centuryplant - Agave americana Other names: American Aloe, American Century Plant, Century Plant Synonyms: Agave altissima, Agave americana f. picta, Agave americana f. virginica, Agave americana var. marginata, Agave americana var. mediopicta, Agave …
Sorbus commixta
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Japanese rowan - Sorbus commixta

Japanese rowan - Sorbus commixta Sorbus commixta, the Japanese rowan (七竈 nanakamado?, ナナカマド), is a species of flowering plant in the family Rosaceae, native to Japan, Sakhalin (in the Russian Far East), and the Korean island of Ulleungdo. …