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Success with Roses

Few ornamental plants match roses for sheer majesty, but success in growing these garden beauties isn’t assured. Expert advice can make a real difference, and here is essential information for growing all kinds of roses—as ground cover or hedges, in gardens large and small, in containers, and even …

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Rose gardening has its own special mystique. Few perennials or flowering shrubs give you so many wonderful blooms soon after planting or have as long a period of bloom. And, best of all, hardy roses will come back year after year. Gardeners the world over are smitten by the allure of roses, but many …

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American Horticultural Society Pests and Diseases: The Complete Guide to Preventing, Identifying and

Is your garden troubled by cutworms or aphids? Need to know the best method for preventing the spread of viruses among your houseplants? Look no further than Pests and Diseases, the informative guide to the downside of gardening. Sooner or later, everyone s roses are troubled by black spot. Or maybe …