Pests and Diseases

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American Horticultural Society Pests and Diseases: The Complete Guide to Preventing, Identifying and

Is your garden troubled by cutworms or aphids? Need to know the best method for preventing the spread of viruses among your houseplants? Look no further than Pests and Diseases, the informative guide to the downside of gardening. Sooner or later, everyone's roses are troubled by black spot. Or maybe you haven't been having success treating known problems with chemical solutions. Pests and Diseases will answer all your questions, from prevention methods to lasting damage repair.

The close-up photos in the "identifying" area are certainly helpful, but are not for the squeamish. And it's not just the creepy crawlies that are a little discomforting--shots of full-blown bacterial infections on tree trunks aren't exactly a welcome sight, either. But to ensure healthy lives for their plants, responsible gardeners need to be as familiar with ladybug larvae as they are with lavender. It's better to recognize these problems in the early stages. Treatments discussed focus on organic and biological methods whenever possible. Beer-traps, barriers, and beneficial bugs are all explained in detail, along with reminders that regular weeding and cleanliness aren't just for looks, but for health as well. When chemical solutions are recommended, proper care is emphasized--not just for you, but for the other plants and animals in your garden. Proper techniques for preparation, treatment, storage, and disposal are gone over at length, as well as stern advice to only use these in moderation, and correctly--if they won't solve the problem thoroughly, then they're not worth the risks involved. Thorough and straightforwardly technical, even beginning gardeners will find it possible to tackle tough problems with this intelligent aid. --Jill Lightner
Book Description: The unrivaled practical handbook for the identification, treatment and prevention of plant problems.

Guidance from the experts in the Identification, treatment, and prevention of plant pests, diseases, and disorders. Whether you need to identify a pest, want to know how to prevent plant problems, or are looking for alternatives to pesticides, you will find the answers in AHS Pests & Diseases. How do you know if an insect is beneficial or destructive? AHS Pests & Diseases identifies valuable insects and pest predators as well as the troublemakers. Can you identify a problem if you don't know the name of a plant? The illustrated catalog of plant problems is grouped according to whether leaves, stems, flowers, roots, or fruits are attacked. Simply compare the photographs with the affected part of your plant to find out what is wrong. Is a particular plant susceptible to disease? The A-Z, plant-by-plant listing tells you which particular ailments individual plants are most likely to suffer from. Are pesticides always necessary? Many common problems can be controlled by good gardening practice and simple preventive measures. AHS Pests and Diseases provides authoritative advice on pesticide-free solutions wherever appropriate. AHS Pests & Diseases is the practical handbook gardeners have been waiting for.
Author: Pippa Greenwood, Andrew Halstead,
Publisher: DK ADULT 2000-02-01

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