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Conifers: An Illustrated Guide to Varieties, Cultivation and Care, with Step-by-Step Instructions and Over 160 Beautiful Photographs
Mainly evergreen, tough and hardy, conifers give year-round pleasure and provide superb backdrops to your planting. All you need to know at a glance, this handy and superbly illustrated practical guide includes a guide to 50 varieties, step-by-step guidance on planting, propagation, transplanting and pruning, and how to deal with common pests and diseases.

Andrew Mikolajski is an established and highly respected gardening expert. He edited the RHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers and the RHS Encyclopedia of Gardening (both Dorling Kindersley), and he has contributed articles to every major gardening magazine and specialist journal. His published works include: Garden Plants and Gardening Techniques; The Practical Encylopedia of Garden Pests and Diseases (both Southwater); and The Busy Gardener's Guide (Time Life).
Author: Andrew Mikolajski
Publisher: Southwater
ISBN: 1780192630, EAN: 9781780192635

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