Conifers: The Illustrated Encyclopedia

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Conifers: The Illustrated Encyclopedia

Landscape Journal
This magnificent pictorial encyclopedia includes not only the latest cultivars but also rarities such as Wollemia nobilis, recently discovered in Australia. From towering redwoods photographed in their coastal habitat to recent dwarf varieties so popular in small gardens, conifers are presented in all their astonishing diversity.

Charlene Harris American Conifer Society Bulletin : It's the only book of its kind.
Ann Lovejoy Horticulture : The best reference work on the subject to appear in recent times.
Donald Heintzelman Naturalist's Niche : This is the type of book that tree lovers, gardeners, horticulturists, landscapers, birders and naturalists relish as an essential reference.
Northeastern Naturalist : An excellent book for gardeners, landscape designers, nursery professionals, and all who like trees. Stunning effort!
Charlene Harris American Conifer Society Bulletin : It's the only book of its kind.
Dale Langford Rocky Mountain News : Serious conifer students, libraries, landscape architects or just plain evergreen lovers will enjoy the hundreds of color photos that make this book a fascinating addition.
R. F. Sutton Forestry Chronicle : An authoritative reference book that scores full marks in beauty and utility.
HortIdeas : The wildest dreams of conifer fanciers, all displayed in clear prose and in gorgeous photographs!
Landscape Journal : Conifers is an extremely thorough and well-illustrated book that will be a great asset to landscape architects and horticulturists.
Taxon : This is a scrumptious atlas for all lovers of gymnosperms.
Public Garden : Conifers is an absolute must for anyone with a horticultural library. This visual dictionary, which represents a monumental amount of travel, thought and aesthetic appreciation, contains 1,180 color photographs of common and rare needled evergreens.
Linda Yang New York Times : A tantalizing overview of nearly 1,200 evergreens now in cultivation.
Richard R. Faltonson Wood and Fiber Science : This without a doubt is one of the most nicely done pictorial dictionaries available.
Western Journal of Applied Forestry : This book contains the most comprehensive collection of conifer photographs ever placed between two covers-over 1180 in all. Forest geneticists and conifer enthusiasts will find the well-illustrated species variants of great interest.
International Dendrology Society Yearbook : It is a must for all conifer enthusiasts and is likely to remain a standard reference for years to come.

Anne Lovejoy, Horticulture
...The best reference work on the subject to appear in recent times.
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