Conifers Conifers
Conifers: An Illustrated Guide to Varieties, Cultivation and Care, with Step-by-Step Instructions and Over 160 Beautiful Photographs Mainly evergreen, tough and hardy, conifers give year-round pleasure and provide superb backdrops to your planting. All you need to know at a glance … | 20.09. 2016
Conifers for Gardens: An Illustrated Encyclopedia Conifers for Gardens
An Illustrated Encyclopedia | Conifers for Gardens is intended to take away the element of uncertainty when you re choosing a plant that may alter your yard for years to come. Profusely illustrated with more than 1,500 crisp photographs and brimming with concise descriptions of both … | 11.04. 2007
Conifers for Your Gardens Conifers for Your Gardens
Last re-printed and updated in 1997, this beautifully illustrated hard cover book offers terrific value for money. Used extensively as a garden centre resource and reference book, it also useful when planning a garden and is often used by landscapers to show pictures of conifers to … | 14.05. 2007
Conifers of California Conifers of California
Conifers of California is the first book entirely devoted to the state s native cone-bearing trees and shrubs. Richly illustrated, it serves as both a natural history and field guide. Each species narrative is accompanied by a full-page color botanical illustration, photographs from … | 14.05. 2007
Conifers: The Illustrated Encyclopedia Conifers: The Illustrated Encyclopedia
Landscape Journal This magnificent pictorial encyclopedia includes not only the latest cultivars but also rarities such as Wollemia nobilis, recently discovered in Australia. From towering redwoods photographed in their coastal habitat to recent dwarf varieties so popular in small … | 10.10. 2006