Pests of the Native California Conifers

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Pests of the Native California Conifers

This guide synthesizes the most current information available on the pests and environmental conditions that can damage California's conifers, the vast majority of native trees in the state. Authoritative and easy-to-use, it is an essential reference for biologists, arborists, ecologists, foresters and everyone who needs up-to-date information on conifer pests in one convenient manual.

o Species accounts cover life cycles, habits, distribution, and significance of each pest and discuss valuable options for reducing or avoiding damage
o 111 clear color photographs show damage caused by 80 insects, diseases, fungi, parasitic plants, animals, and other destructive agents
o The only guide to include information on environmental factors such as air pollution, salt, and frost as well as biological agents
o Appendices list pests and diseases by tree species and by part of the tree affected

Publisher: University of California Press , 2003-05-08
ISBN: 0520233298, EAN: 9780520233294
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