Clematis - the book Success with Clematis Success with Clematis
Clematis rates among the most beautiful of climbing vines, but in the past its popularity suffered because it was considered hard to grow. Not any more … | 25.11. 2006
Success With Rhododendrons and Azaleas, Revised Edition Success With Rhododendrons and Azaleas
Illustrated with more than 110 striking color photographs and packed with advice on every aspect of rhododendron growing, from soil preparation and landscape design to advanced propagating and hybridizing techniques, this is the most useful book on these spectacular flowering shrubs … | 18.04. 2007
Success with Roses Success with Roses
Few ornamental plants match roses for sheer majesty, but success in growing these garden beauties isn’t assured. Expert advice can make a real difference, and here is essential information for growing all kinds of roses—as ground cover or hedges, in gardens large and small, in … | 14.11. 2007
Success with Shade-Loving Plants Success with Shade-Loving Plants
Celebrate the low-light areas of the garden; the trick is knowing which plants to choose, and then placing them properly for best success. Written by a renowned horticulturist and former gardener at London’s Buckingham Palace, this field guide continues the well-received Success … | 28.11. 2007
Success with Sun-Loving Plants Success with Sun-Loving Plants
As gardeners become increasingly concerned with both drought and water conservation, plants that love the sun are an attractive option. From white flowering hawthorns to richly scented wisteria, they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, with endless potential for producing stunning … | 20.04. 2008