Growing Carnivorous Plants Growing Carnivorous Plants
For centuries, carnivorous plants have carried an air of fascination and mystique unparalleled in the plant world. Growing Carnivorous Plants is a comprehensive guide to identifying and cultivating these remarkable plants. From the well-known Venus flytrap to obscure African sundews … | 01.04. 2007
Growing Green: Animal-Free Organic Techniques Growing Green
Growing Green: Animal-Free Organic Techniques is an essential guide about organic growing and is perfect for absolute beginners as well as experienced professionals. This book introduces the concept of stockfree-organic and shows, through case studies, that when growers abandon the … | 10.07. 2007
Growing Hardy Orchids Growing Hardy Orchids
This is a book for adventurous gardeners with an appreciation for temperate orchid species and native wildflowers. A surprising number of terrestrial orchids are hardy, some able to withstand temperatures down to minus 50°F or minus 45.5°C. Though they have a reputation for being … | 11.04. 2007
Growing Orchids in Your Garden Growing Orchids in Your Garden
Wherever you live in the world, you can grow orchids in your garden. From lady s slippers in boreal forests to dendrobiums hanging from tropical palms, orchids provide color and elegance unmatched by any other garden flower. Although it may sound too good to be true, many orchids … | 11.04. 2007
Growing Plumerias in Hawaii Growing Plumerias in Hawaii
Hawaii is home to some of the most exotic plumerias in the world. Reputed to awaken the senses with their colors, fragrances, shapes and foliage, plumeria blossoms require delicate care and skill. Flora enthusiasts will find a plethora of information here about different types of … | 06.06. 2007