Plants: Salvia nemorosa 'Blue Queen' - sage

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Salvia is a large genus, containing about 900 species. In our climate mostly common (evergreen) sage is grown for culinary uses. Also, very popular are those of subtropical origin that are used here as annuals with long flowering season, especially in public areas. We concentrate on herbaceous perennials which are not widely cultivated and we believe that there are species, hybrids, and varieties worth the job.

Blaukönigin is a German variety of sage, usually available as Blue Queen in English speaking markets. According to RHS it is a hybrid between s.nemorosa and s.pratensis. It produces up to 70 cm tall stems holding long spikes of numerous deep violet-blue flowers from June until September. The calyxes are light violet-blue which makes a great effect even if the plant is not in full bloom. Leaves are mid green, narrowly ovate, wrinkled, and softly hairy. Cutting off stems with spent flowers will encourage new flowering.

Sage will grow in almost any well-drained soil. For best results grow it in light, humus-rich, well-drained soil in full sun or light shade. It is perfectly hardy to about -34°C (USDA zone 4) and will grow in outdoor pots and throws, too.

Size/type: mid-sized perennial
Usual height: 0.6-0.8m
Usual width: 0.5-1m
Leaves: deciduous broadleaf
Colour of leaves: green
Flowers: showy
Colour of flowers: violet a deep purple
Blooming time: june - september
Location: full sun
Usda zone (lowest): 4 (down to -34°c)
Winter protection:
For zone 5+6: code of winter protection zone 5+6
For zone 7: code of winter protection zone 7
Belongs to categories: perennials, summer blooms

Salvia nemorosa "Blue Queen" - sage

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