garden-en: Black Hellebore - Helleborus niger
Other names: Christmas Rose
Family: Ranunculaceae

Helleborus niger is an evergreen plant with dark leathery pedate leaves carried on stems 9–12 in (23–30 cm) tall. The large flat flowers, borne on short stems from midwinter to early spring, are white or occasionally pink.

Heleborus niger, by Helga von Cramm, chromolithograh, with a prayer by Y.E.T., c. 1880.

There are two subspecies: Helleborus niger niger as well as Helleborus niger macranthus, which has larger flowers (up to 3.75 in/9 cm across). In the wild, H. niger niger is generally found in mountainous areas in Switzerland, southern Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and northern Italy. Helleborus niger macranthus is found only in northern Italy and possibly adjoining parts of Slovenia [Wikipedia]
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