garden-en: Mock strawberry - Duchesnea indica
Synonyms: Fragaria indica, Potentilla indica,
Other names: India Mockstrawberry, Indian Mock-strawberry, Wild Strawberry, Yellow-flowered Strawberry
Family: Rosaceae

Duchesnea indica (sometimes called Potentilla indica), known commonly as mock strawberry, Gurbir, Indian strawberry or false strawberry, has foliage and an aggregate accessory fruit similar to true strawberry, though this is apparently an independent evolution of a similar fruit type. It has yellow flowers, unlike the white or slightly pink flowers of true strawberries. It is native to eastern and southern Asia, but has been introduced to many other areas as an ornamental plant. It has been naturalized in many regions, including the southern United States, and is considered an invasive species in some regions. It is considered one of the most invasive plants on the island of Réunion. [Wikipedia]
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Duchesnea indica - Indian Strawberry, Mock Strawberry Duchesnea indica - Indian Strawberry, Mock Strawberry
A semi- evergreen trailing perennial, this species grows to a height of 4 in (10 cm) and multiplies rapidly by runners to an indefinite spread. It is useful as a ground cover and for bed edging, hanging baskets and pots. It has dark green leaves and bright, 1 in (25 mm) wide, yellow … | 16.09. 2008