Plants: Salvia nemorosa 'Rose Queen' - Violet Sage, Ornamental Meadow Sage

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Salvia nemorosa 'Rose Queen' - Violet Sage, Ornamental Meadow Sage

This perennial tolerates drought and blazing sun! Thin, Brilliant Rose Spikes Form a Solid Wall of Color! 12-inch dwarf plant blooms in early summer, then repeats! Masses of pencil-thin, vibrantly colorful bloomspikes arise on this perennial Sage, so densely set that they present a solid wall of color in the border!

The rose blooms are richly colorful on dwarf 12-inch plants, blooming in early summer and then repeating their fine show later in the season. A spectacular source of dark, intense color and narrow, vertical form, Rose Queen is one of the finest Salvias we know, attracting butterflies to the garden and prompting exclamations and double-takes from visitors. Not fussy about soil, it flourishes in blazing sun, tolerating drought and often reblooming.

Publisher: Hirt's Gardens
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