Gardening with Light & Colour

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Gardening with Light & Colour

Encouraging gardeners to reassess their favorite flowers and how they are planted, the focus here is on working with natural light to get the best out of any garden. Readers are led through the color spectrum and given advice on which plants to choose and how to handle them in northern and southern hemisphere gardens, all backed by stunning photography.

More than another gardening book, this personal odyssey includes Marylyn Abbott's observations over a lifetime of gardening, stretching from the dry heat of Australia to the colder wetter climates of England. Her inspirational ideas are mingled with down-to-earth advice and hands-on experience in this essential read for gardeners looking for new ideas and interesting plant combinations to add drama, light, and color.

Author: Marylyn Abbott,
Publisher: Kyle Cathie , 2007-09-28
ISBN: 1856267229, EAN: 9781856267229
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