Complete Indoor Plants

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Complete Indoor Plants

Grow a garden inside! Houseplants bring life and color to any room, and with the right care you can successfully cultivate everything from succulents and bonsai to foliage, flowers, and fruit. This indispensable manual is a complete guide to indoor gardening, with advice on choosing the right plants and helping them thrive, as well as propagation, repotting, grooming, and pest control.

The Plant Directory, arranged by houseplant families and filled with expert advice, covers more than 300 popular varieties. Each entry features a color photograph for identification; the plant’s botanical and common names; its height, spread, optimum climate and light; and propagation tips. Other essential information on feeding, watering, and grooming are covered in a handy icon panel.

Author: David Squire,
Publisher: New Holland , 2007-05-01
ISBN: 1845371704, EAN: 9781845371708
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