Great Flowering Landscape Shrubs

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Great Flowering Landscape Shrubs

Their Identification, Ornamental Characteristics, Culture, Propagation and Uses | With stunning color photos throughout, this gardening guide describes more than 50 types of the best flowering shrubs and details their use in home landscaping. Shrubs are arranged by genus, separated into deciduous flowering and notable evergreen shrubs, and listed with the common name; size and shape; foliage color, shape, and texture; flower and fruit (if any); soil, nutrient, and light needs; pruning needs for maximum growth and/or flower; and USDA Hardiness Zones. Details of specific species, cultivars, and varieties that lead to exceptional size, color, flower, hardiness, and durability are also included.

Helpful hints on soil types, watering, pest control, and pruning explore how best to plant and care for any shrub. The appendix includes lists of nurseries, web sites for further information, and an extensive index and bibliography.

Author: Vincent A. Simeone,
Publisher: Ball Publishing , 2005-04-28
ISBN: 1883052424, EAN: 9781883052423
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