Quick & Easy Container Gardening

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Quick & Easy Container Gardening

Whether your garden is large or small, traditional or modern, "Quick and Easy Container Gardening" is packed with ideas and inspiration. As well as all the basic techniques you need for successful planting in pots, there are 20 step-by-step project ideas that are so simple to follow. If you wish to grow your own, a chapter on Crops in Pots shows how to grow fruit, herbs, and vegetables on a small scale.

There are ideas for decorating the garden with pots for summer parties, and advice on choosing the right plants and pots for specific locations. Includes gardening tips, techniques, and advice on caring for your pots, as well as fun and stylish ideas. Stunning natural-light photography by Debbie Patterson.

Author: Tessa Evelegh,
Publisher: Cico. , 2008-02
ISBN: 1906094403, EAN: 9781906094409
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