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Gardening Indoors, New Revised

If you own only one book on indoor gardening with lights, this is the book. The New Revised Gardening Indoors sets the standard for indoor gardening all over the world. This bestseller has been in print since 1986 and sold thousands and thousands of copies. Indoor gardeners find everything they could possibly need to know in this book. This "how-to" book unlocks the door to the world of gardening indoors under fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. Fluorescent lamps help seedlings and low-light plants start earlier and grow stronger. HID lamps are a substitute for the sun!

Only New Revised Gardening Indoors combines the basics of gardening and electrical lighting into this single volume. This complete how-to guide on playing Mother Nature indoors. It's not complicated at all. This book is very user-friendly, easy to read, and packed with graphs, charts and illustrations. Hobby hydroponics is more and more popular, and very affordable. Don't let a winter spoil your gardening fun, take it inside! So, get Gardening Indoors and equip yourself with the information you'll need to save time, save money, and reap the maximum benefits a well run indoor garden can offer.

8.5 x 11", 200 pages, illustrated, photos, glossary, index

Author: George F. Van Patten,
Publisher: Van Patten Publishing , 1995-06-01
ISBN: 1878823116, EAN: 9781878823113
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