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1001 Questions Answered About Trees Other / Books

1001 Questions Answered About Trees

Fascinating, fact-filled reference guide provides the naturally curious as well as veteran botanists with detailed histories of trees, data about age, size and weight; suggestions for identifying trees and even a selection of poems about these majestic forms of plant life. Over 100 illus. and 21 photographs. …

Garden Natural History Other / Books

Garden Natural History (Collins New Naturalist)

Collins New Naturalist | How does a garden differ from other habitats, both natural and semi-natural? Is it true that the modern home garden is largely a collection of hybrids between exotic species? These and other questions are answered in this guide to plant fertilizing, watering, pest and disease …

Evergreens For Every State Other / Books

Evergreens For Every State

Evergreens For Every State: How to Select and Grow Them Successfully in Your Locality The purpose of this book is twofold; it combines the necessary information for the successful growing of evergreens, together with suggestions for their uses in the planting scheme. The book opens with a discussion …