Evergreens For Every State

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Evergreens For Every State

Evergreens For Every State: How to Select and Grow Them Successfully in Your Locality
The purpose of this book is twofold; it combines the necessary information for the successful growing of evergreens, together with suggestions for their uses in the planting scheme. The book opens with a discussion of the landscape value of these important woody ornamentals in garden-making. This is followed by a chapter on espalier, bonsai, and topiary work.

The balance of Part I discusses the subjects of planting, pruning, mulching, and winter protection. Easy-to-follow directions for plant propagation and a chapter on garden enemies conclude this portion of the book.

In Part II the cultural requirements of each evergreen are given individually. Both tree and shrub forms are combined in one volume; approximately 500 species and varieties are included. For the convenience of the reader, the evergreen cultures are given in alphabetical order, regardless of their classification. The heights mentioned must necessarily be approximate, for these are influenced by climate, location, soil, and maintenance. Ordinarily only a limited number reach their full height in the average home garden. Because of the different climatic conditions in the country, the most propitious seasons for planting and pruning naturally vary widely; whether or not to mulch is another question that differs with the locality.

These questions are answered in Parts III and IV, which consist of Reports on Evergreens from the States and from Canada. Here the reader will find specific advice on these subjects given by an authoritative source (or sources) in his state. In addition, some of the evergreens that do best in each state are listed. To obtain this information, all the states in continental United States and parts of Canada were contacted by a questionnaire covering these points; the response was heart-warming. This report brings to light the sharp differences in some of the cultural practices in certain states, and also in the provinces of Canada that were approached. Frequently conditions vary considerably in the same state, not only because of the climatic differences (although these are of great importance), but also because of the local conditions of soil, temperature, moisture, and exposure; for example, sometimes evergreens that are not winter-hardy inland can be grown close to the coast where temperatures are usually more moderate. Because of these reasons, before purchasing evergreens recommended for your state in general, it is advisable to consult your nurseryman or your County Agricultural Agent as to their suitability for your particular area.

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