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Gardening with Hardy Geraniums

Hardy geraniums were the first plants to shrug off the rigours of her coastal climate and grow in Birgitte Husted Bendtsen s garden every bit as well as they did in the fertile, sheltered plots further east in Denmark. Add to this their tolerance of dogs and children, resistance to pests and diseases, …

Geranium himalayense 'Baby blue' - Himalayan cranesbill Plants / Perennials

Geranium himalayense 'Baby blue' - Himalayan cranesbill

Cranesbill is a genus comprising of about 300 species. It is commonly used as a ground-covering perennial which can quickly form a respectable carpet. When if full bloom it offers a solid, one-colour show which in mass plantings looks stunning. Thanks to low growth it mostly finds its place under trees …