Plants: Geranium himalayense 'Baby blue' - Himalayan cranesbill

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Cranesbill is a genus comprising of about 300 species. It is commonly used as a ground-covering perennial which can quickly form a respectable carpet. When if full bloom it offers a solid, one-colour show which in mass plantings looks stunning. Thanks to low growth it mostly finds its place under trees and shrubs, as well as in mixed borders along with other perennials.

Geranium himalayense 'Baby blue' - Himalayan cranesbill

Baby Blue is an attractive variety of Himalayan cranesbill which was crossed with meadow cranesbill in order to achieve large flowers. They are 4-6 cm across, light blue-violet, and decorated with purple red veins, and a white centre. They look very gentle and yet bold, thanks to their size. Blooming time is from late May until early July, and if cut back after the main flowering, a second flush of a few flowers comes out in early autumn. Himalayan cranesbill is a low growing species with widely palmate, sharply lobed, basal leaves with prominent veins. They are mid green in spring and summer, turning brilliant purple red in autumn.

Cranesbills will grow in most, moderately fertile, garden soil types and Himalayan cranesbill grows well in both sun and shade. It is hardier than most other species - to about -40°C (USDA zone 3).

Size/type: low or groundcovering
Usual height: 0.2-0.2m
Usual width: 0.3-0.6m
Leaves: deciduous broadleaf
Colour of leaves: green
Flowers: showy
Colour of flowers: violet
Blooming time: may - july
Location: full sun to shade
Usda zone (lowest): 3 (down to -40°c)
For zone 5+6: code of winter protection zone 5+6
For zone 7: code of winter protection zone 7
Belongs to categories: perennials
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