Plants: Liriope muscari - lily turf

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Liriope muscari - lily turf

Culture: Becomes established most rapidly in well worked, fertile soil, but is tolerant of much less than ideal conditions. This plant is a true survivor and will grow almost anywhere! Light: Sun to shade.; Moisture: Average.; Hardiness: USDA Zones 7-11.; Propagation: Divide clumps into whatever size you like from a few leaves to large chunks. Liriope transplants easily at any time of year. The blue-black berries easily germinate, but divisions are easier and quicker

Liriope, also commonly called border grass is not actually a grass but a member of the lily family, a fact that inspires another of its common names, lilyturf. The dark green, ribbonlike foliage grows in length from 10 to 18 in (25-46 cm) and then recurves toward the ground to form rounded clumps. As the clumps mature they merge into a continuous carpet that resembles a plot of shaggy lawn grass. In summer, spikes of small purple, violet or white flowers rise from the center of clumps. Flowers are followed by pea-sized black or white berries in autumn. Liriope spreads quite fast in reasonable soil, creating a substantial tuberous root mass. The plant itself is similar in appearance and landscape use to mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicus) which has finer textured foliage and bears its flowers within the clumps rather than above it like liriope.

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