Gardening With Ornamental Grasses

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Inspiring amateur gardeners and enthusiasts to undertake more in-depth projects including choosing the right grasses for planting in the shade, beautiful artistic impressions of the completed projects and a vast selection of stunning photographs provide a fascinating insight into what can be achieved by correct planting.

Gardening With Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses, like no other perennial, contribute so much to setting the style and tone of a garden.

The variety of species of ornamental grasses available today have made them an integral part of garden design. Gardening with Ornamental Grasses offers:

* Practical planning information for a variety of ornamental grass projects

* Expert advice by a leading authority in the world of ornamental grasses

* Beautiful pictures and illustrations of these versatile and popular plants

* A comprehensive A-Z section of grasses, listed by botanical names, covering the most "garden worthy" species and varieties to help readers select the right plant for their garden scheme

Author: Roger Grounds,
Publisher: Horticulture Books , 2005-01-29
ISBN: 1558707344, EAN: 0806488416940
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