The Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses

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The Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses

From the fresh green shoots of spring through the dramatic foliage of summer, the lush colors of autumn, and the pale, feathery maturity of winter, grasses add a special touch to the garden in every season. Native species of beautiful ornamental grasses flourish in almost every part of North America. Now these attractive, adaptable plants are making their way into yards and gardens across the continent. Ornamental grasses are easy to grow, and they provide year-round landscape interest. No wonder grasses have been enjoying a new popularity.The Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses is a comprehensive, fully illustrated reference. An informative opening section describes and illustrates the different types of grasses and their habits.

This section also provides a basic primer on gardening with ornamental grasses, including practical advice on selecting and buying plants; using them in the landscape; planting, maintaining, and propagating them; and fighting pests and diseases without harmful chemicals.The Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses provides descriptions of over 250 grasses. For each major entry, the encyclopedia features a color photograph of the grass, plus a special information box that gives the grass's botanical and common names, hardiness zone, origin, and preferred sites. A comprehensive description follows, with information on the grass's physical characteristics (color, habit, height, and flowers), landscape uses (for example, as a border, in masses, as an accent, or for cutting), culture and propagation (its preferred conditions and propagation methods), and any potential pests or problems. Cultivars and varieties are listed as well.A special section of ornamental grass garden designs by well-known designers provides lots of ideas for using grasses in perennial borders, meadows, curbside plantings, and cutting gardens. A resource section lists suppliers of seeds, plants, and equipment, and a bibliography suggests where to find further information. An index of common and botanical names makes this book as easy to use as it is practical, informative, and beautiful.The most comprehensive reference available, The Encyclopedia of Ornamental Grasses is destined to become a classic work on the subject-- a must for any serious gardener.
Author: John Greenlee,
Publisher: Rodale Books 1992-11-15
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