The Bamboo, Grass & Palm Specialist

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The Bamboo, Grass & Palm Specialist

The Essential Guide to Selecting, Growing and Propagating Bamboos, Grasses and Palms (Specialist Series) | Bamboos, grasses, and palms: these versatile, easy-to-maintain plants include a huge range of textures, forms, sizes, colors, and flowering times. With literally hundreds to choose from, there is one suitable for every garden and climate. Starting with the basics of plant identification, this guide also provides buying tips, planting information, cultivation, propagation, and displays. Invaluable lists of the most useful and easily grown plants are here. Whether you want to create a Japanese-style bamboo garden, or simply make a focal point out of ornamental grasses in a terracotta pot, this is an essential handbook of ideas to spice up your gardening.

Author: David Squire,
Publisher: New Holland , 2007-02-01
ISBN: 1845374835, EAN: 9781845374839
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Dendrocalamus strictus - Iron Bamboo