Plants: Dendrocalamus strictus - Iron Bamboo

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Dendrocalamus strictus - Iron Bamboo

Iron Bamboo is the common name for the genus and species Dendrocalamus strictus. Native to India, it is unique in that it is thick-walled, often solid, and probably the strongest bamboo in the world. Max. Height: 60 feet; Max. Diameter: 5 inches; Min. Temperature: 25º F

Experts agree that Iron Bamboo is the worlds premier bamboo for furniture manufacturing, since unlike thin-walled, hollow bamboo, it does not split when fastened with screws and nails. Its nail-ability and the fact that it rarely develops external surface cracks as it dries makes it a preferred structural material for buildings and fences, as well as for furniture. Solid Iron Bamboo can be cut into rectangular or square shapes to form lumber with or without lamination.

Iron Bamboo is a giant grass which flowers, goes to seed and dies approximately every 60 years. Plants grown from seed reach full size in seven to ten years, possibly reaching a height of 50 feet and producing culms at maturity of three inches in diameter. Iron Bamboo grows in clumps approximately six feet in diameter. It is a sympodial bamboo and does not run underground, as do monopodial bamboos common to the temperate climate. Within these clumps, culms shoot each rainy season, emerging from the ground in their full-sized diameter. When shooting, culms often grow as much as a foot each day and develop 85% of their strength in the first year. At the end of the second year, the culms have achieved 95% of their ultimate physical properties.

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