Winter-Flowering Shrubs

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Winter-Flowering Shrubs

Gardeners, plant collectors, horticulturists, and landscape designers will find a valuable resource in this carefully selected plant directory of best performing winter-flowering shrubs. Readers will find daphnes, viburnums, witch hazels, and camellias to suit every taste and garden situation, as well as information about how to help their choice winter-flowering shrubs flourish from November to March.

Tips on combining winter-flowering shrubs, using winter sunlight to backlight choice specimens, and getting the right balance of complementary plants complete this practical and inspiring guide. Whether looking to extend a plant collection or create a winter garden, collectors and gardeners alike will delight in the possibilities available for blooms and scents in colder climates.

Author: Michael W. Buffin,
Publisher: Timber Press, Incorporated 2005-09-01
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