Plants: Rhododendron 'Golden Gate' - rhododendron

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Rhododendron 'Golden Gate' - rhododendron

Compact hybrid | Rhododendrons are reliable, beautifully flowering, evergreen shrubs of variable origin: S.W. China, Himalayas, Northern America, and even Europe. The original species were hybridized several times for better performance so in the 1950´s there were more than 10,000 cultivars registered, and the number keeps increasing. “Goledn Gate” is quite unique. It has small, funnel shaped flowers of pink and orange flower with soft reddish flare. It likes summer sun, but not in winter or spring. Protect from strong wind. It will not tolerate long-lasting frosts in mountainous regions and frost pockets.

For richer flowering and growth dead-head where possible. Rhododendrons are low-maintenance shrubs that will perform superbly provided you plant them well. They mostly prefer bright to dappled shade or partial shade (partial sun). Morning sunlight is their killer, same as deep shade. The roots are shallow, spreading to sides in search for nutrients. Never plant them too deep. The soil has to be acidic (pH 4.5-5.5), rich in humus, cool and always moist. Adult plants withstand direct mid-day and afternoon sun if their roots are always moist, they can even handle temporary water-logging. Ideal soil mixture is peat with lime-free, light garden soil topped with leave-mould. Fertilizing is not recommended, however, you can always use a special flower encourager.
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