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Sorbus hupehensis - Hupeh Rowan Plants / Deciduous Trees

Sorbus hupehensis - Hupeh Rowan

Sorbus hupehensis (Hupeh rowan or Hubei rowan; Chinese: 湖北花楸; pinyin: hubei huaqiu; literally: Hubei rowan ) is a species of rowan native to central and western China (between Qinghai and Gansu in the west, Yunnan in the south, Jiangxi in the southeast, and Shandong in the east). …

Sorbus cashmiriana 'Chinese lace' - Kashmir rowan Plants / Deciduous Trees

Sorbus cashmiriana 'Chinese lace' - Kashmir rowan

Kashmir used to be a principality in the Himalayas known for its extraordinary shawl wool. It was super soft, warm and expensive. Hence, everything connected with the name Kashmir evoked feeling of exotic beauty and high price. Kashmir rowan is a beautiful tree that, luckily, is not an expensive item. …