subtropicalnursery: There are two magical places, paradises of flora in the province of Manica, Mozambique.
Not living more than one hundred and fifty years is able to forget  these places, absolutely magic, that are the mountains of Serra Choa and Tsetserra, this last one representing the American flora endemism in Africa.
I was the worst student in my class in botany, surely! But in these mountains I photographed and asked to be classified botanical species that remained to be classified.
On learning of botany, a solitary exercise for me and something painful, a lot of people who contributed in our lives appear to be our mentors.
People that God places in our lives to make us evolve.
I refer to my Australian friend Michael Ferrero, a botanist fantastic, very passionate to flora observation and that made my learning experience a dynamic delicious learning exercise.
Botany always understood as an evolution rather than a mere exercise of learning names.
In short a simple memory exercise.
With Michael I learned of the existence of species that survived impostors mimicking the colours and shapes from other blossoms, the original piece of the American soil graft in  Africa.
Michael gave me a fantastic book called "Island Africa" by Jonathan Kingdom, a book written by someone who learned the most important things in the universe just to watch.
When I asked Michael why absolutely unique and beautiful species, which were already listed in the mountains, were not known in the catalogues of nurseries around the world, as Mussaenda arcuata,
Chironia gratissima and Halleria lucida, He simulated to stay for a minute thinking:
- It will be cold, light or photo period limitation’s?
- I insisted that sometimes bad I live with silence.
- No, why be so there would be plants in botanic gardens from northern California to Thailand?
While most took a few pictures in bright digital macro, Michael put his hand on my shoulder and replied.
- The nurseries didn’t have these plants in their catalogue because they simply do not know!
Because the world is just like this, my good friend! Full of cosmic insanity!
We were laughing during long minutes. And I was with immense difficulties in continuing to shoot my digital camera on these species whenever we saw these mysterious flowers we laugh like young devils.
I would laugh at the madness of the entire universe; the billions of people on planet earth do not know these  species and are at least as happy as me. Because do not know these species... just the same cosmic insanity!

To my friends.
A big hug.
José Capela
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The fucsia tree (Halleria lucida)
The fucsia tree (Halleria lucida)
Chironia gratissima (Chironia gratissima)
Chironia gratissima (Chironia gratissima)
Mussaenda arcuata (Mussaenda arcuata)
Mussaenda arcuata (Mussaenda arcuata)