German: Tulpe
Czech: tulipán
Genus: Tulipa, tulip
Mature Height: 0.10 m
Bloom in: IV
Flower Colour: redbluepurple
Soil Preferred:: penetrability, nutritive,
Light Required:: full sun
Other Attributes: bulb, fruit - capsule, use for rockery, attractive flowers,

Tulipa kurdica



Tulipa kurdica   tulip plant

Plants of Genus Tulipa:

Forum: Tulipa kurdica, tulip, Tulipa, tulip

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The lustrous petals are a deep, rich rose at the center, shading to a delicate pale pink at the edge, while doing amazing things in between that include shades of both melon and sunset. Tall, strong, long-lasting and reliable, like most Darwin hybrids. An absolutely first-class Tulip. Among the hundreds of thousands of brilliant Tulips at Keukenhof, the annual bulb display in the Netherlands, Pink Impression is the one that quite literally stops traffic. It seems as though everyone visiting with children has the kids pose next to these enormous flowers-and its the most popular spot for grownups to pose, too. Pink Impression is a long-lasting perennial in the garden. The very name Tulip is magic, for everyone knows this fine genus. We call these gay flowers the lipsticks of the garden because they provide a finishing touch that brings spring borders to life. Plant Tulips in well-drained, good garden soil. Full sun is recommended (at least 6 hours or more). ...

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, 439 pages, black and white and full colour illustrations throughout, index at rearIn an auction held in Holland in February 1637, 99 lots of tulip bulbs fetched a staggering 90,000 guilders, more than $3.5 million in todays money. Tulipomania had reached its height, and its story is told in just one of the fascinating sections of Anna Pavords wonderful book on this most seductive of flowers. Pavords passion for the flower is evident from the opening pages of the book, where she tells of scrambling across the hillsides of Crete in search of an obscure, indigenous purple tulip. The story of the discovery of this tulip leads into Pavords extraordinary history of this beautiful, enigmatic flower. As with all the best love stories, Pavords is told from the perspective of the object of affection--in this case, the tulip--from its adoption by the Ottoman sultans of Istanbul in the 18th century to its present cultivation by the Wakefield Tulip Society. Along the way, incredible stories of peoples investments in the flower emerge, the result, as Pavord explains, of a unique feature ...

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