Desirable Trees for the Midwest

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Desirable Trees for the Midwest

Desirable Trees for the Midwest: 50 for the Home Landscape and Larger Properties
Trees are the most important element in any well-designed landscape. In his book, Scott Zanon leads readers to fifty of his personal favorites and helps them make the best decisions based on beauty, hardiness, site location, and the ability to grow turfgrass.

Plant Usage Guides, in both common and scientific name forms, provide a plethora of options for the reader at any level, and 250 color photographs help the reader to make informed buying decisions. A superb reference guide, this book is user friendly and a very practical guide for a diverse audience, including horticulturists, arborists, grounds professionals, master gardeners, golf course superintendents, green committees, golf course architects, home gardeners, and homeowners. Deciding what attributes are most critical in the realm of options in this book can make the selection process so much easier.
Author: Scott Zanon,
Publisher: Desirable Trees And Turf LLC

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