Plants: Campsis grandiflora - Chinese trumpet creeper

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Probably the most eye-catching version of trumpet creepers is this Chinese one. As a fast growing vine it can soon cover walls, gazebos or fences. The flowers are large: 7-9 cm wide, salmon pink with a clear yellow throat. The buds form a raceme that blooms from July till frosts.

In our climate it is more tender than the other ones so we recommend to grow it on a sheltered location, e.g. at a south-facing wall of a heated house which will contribute to abundant flowering. Though it makes a lot of aerial roots it needs a little bit of help tying up the first branches to its support as it cannot twine around it like wisteria for example. Its root system can accept temporary drought and extra watering is desirable only maximum once a week. We only sell GRAFTED plants that will flower the same year you buy them.

Campsis grandiflora - Chinese trumpet creeper

Campsis grandiflora - Chinese trumpet creeper

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