The Gardener's Palette

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The Gardener's Palette: A Year of Color in the Flower Garden

A Year of Color in the Flower Garden | Approaching a flower garden as a blank canvas and the gardener as an artist, The Gardener’s Palette demystifies the somewhat daunting task of conceiving, planning, and planting a beautifully executed flower garden.

The book categorizes more than 800 flowers and plants in a delightfully helpful way: by color, allowing even novices to thumb through like a swatch book and select exactly what suits their taste. Dazzling photographs, as well as crucial advice on effective plant combinations, seasonal planting, and decorative flourishes, ensure that every garden will be a sensual delight, brimming with color and texture.

Author: Pierre Nessmann,
Publisher: Stewart, Tabori & Chang , 2008-05-01
ISBN: 1584796448, EAN: 9781584796442
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