A Book of Blue Flowers

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A Book of Blue Flowers

Perhaps the most uncommon color among plants, blue echoes the sky and adds a welcome accent to any garden. Greatly sought after by plant breeders, blues from pale lavender to powder blue add depth and tranquility to the gardener's palette. Noting that blue flowers are more common in high-altitude meadows and stream beds, the author suggests that this may account for their popularity in the cool gardens of northern Europe.

Their rarity in warmer climates such as the southeastern United States is not inevitable, however, as there are suitable choices for every climate in the hundreds of blue-flowered plants available. This helpful survey is illustrated with more than 150 color photos of blue flowers from gardens around the world, making it both a practical and an inspirational book for gardeners everywhere.

Perhaps the most uncommon hue in the plant kingdom, the color blue strikes a distinctive note in any garden. In this fascinating book, now available in paperback, Robert Geneve provides a wide selection of blue flowers that will help readers expand the range of colors in their gardening palettes-from powder blue and turquoise to navy and violet. A well-traveled garden visitor and gifted photographer, the author has included more than 150 stunning photos of blue flowers from gardens around the world. A Book of Blue Flowers is an ideal handbook for gardeners of all skill levels and in any climate.

Author: Robert L. Geneve,
Publisher: Timber Press, Incorporated 2006-02-01
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