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RHS New Gardening: How to Garden in a Changing Climate

How to Garden in a Changing Climate | Britain’s Royal Horticultural Society is the authoritative source for gardening expertise, and their new guide to contemporary gardening gives gardeners, from first-timers to professionals, a definitive resource for horticultural advice.

Over 950 color photographs and 50 original artworks showcase individual plants and full garden designs, as well as proper techniques for preparing beds, planting, pruning, and propagating garden plants. Specially commissioned garden plans are included, featuring all-new layouts suitable for an urban oasis, a suburban backyard, or an extensive country garden. Everything from soil management and understanding microclimates to gardening in arid environments or wet is discussed, along with selecting plants for sun and shade, creating spaces that encourage wildlife, and innovative recycling and reusing of garden materials.

Author: Matthew Wilson,
Publisher: MITCH , 2007-10-01
ISBN: 1845333055, EAN: 9781845333058
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